Welcome to the membership page.  Here at Joe Laser we believe that some of the greatest problems encountered when injecting aesthetic fillers and muscle blockers (Botox) are found when clients that are happy with their current results entertain outside injectors at parties or for promises of discounts that more times than not lead to injection complications and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent correcting these problems.  As a result of this we are increasing prices from our previously discounted rates to what is considered the industry standard pricing.  In the spirit of client retention and as a thank you for many years of faithful repeat business we are proud to announce a monthly membership program.

  • Basic membership ($30 per month) entitles you to 20% off all services based on annual membership.
  • Gold membership ($50 per month) entitles you to 30% off all services based on annual membership. Also included in this membership is a monthly laser facial ($150 regularly priced skin rejuvenating or acne treating) for FREE.
  • Platinum membership ($100 per month) entitles you to 40% off all services based on annual membership. Also included are FREE laser facial ($150 regularly priced) and hair removal services (up to $300 value per month) as well as 50% off velasmooth skin tightening and cellulite dissolving treatments. Exclusive after hours or holiday appointments are also rewarded to the platinum member, based on availability.

*Vampire products are not included in membership as they are a separate franchise.

Membership prices may increase at any time, however, once you are signed up you will be able to keep the pricing schedule, price increases only effect those not yet enrolled.  Joe Laser and spa reserves the right to terminate any membership at any time without reason.

Level Price  
Basic $30.00 per Month. Select
Gold $50.00 per Month. Select
Platinum $100.00 per Month. Select
Appointment Deposit $100.00 now. Select