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Joe is beyond good….

Joe is beyond good at what he does. Very professional yet has a way of making you so comfortable. I would not go anywhere else for the treatments that he has given me. First class service with First class results!

Nikki Hammel

This was my first time

This was my first time having Botox and I LOVE the results!!!


Absolutely amazing job! I’ve gotten

Absolutely amazing job! I’ve gotten my lips done twice and I love them so much.

Alicia Baxter

Joe Laser is a gifted

Joe Laser is a gifted artist with expert technique who will make you look amazing. Any service that is offered has given me great results. Highly recommend. Thank you, great team so knowledgeable.

Very happy client

Feeling good about how I look again – Vampire Face Lift


Went to see Joe about 2 weeks ago to get a brow lift using Botox. It was amazing. Yesterday had a Vampire facelift and the results were so amazing to me that I could cry. Joe has a very good mannerism and makes you feel at ease during the treatment and its very obvious that he believes in what he’s doing. The before and after pictures speak for themselves and a time lapse video from the first day to last night was just amazing. I like the way I look again for the first time in many years. Thanks Joe

Shelley Bablitz

Love my Vampire Facelift

Joe gave me a Vampire Facelift a few days ago and I could not be any more pleased with the results! Prior to the procedure, my face was beginning to show my age… I’m 45. I had dark circles and bags under my eyes, my cheeks had lost their youthful fullness and my smile lines had deepened over time. I looked tired all the time. After my Vampire Facelift, my face looked rejuvenated and well rested! I had no bruising and only slight swelling which lasted a day. I would recommend this procedure to anyone that is tired of always looking tired. I only had a few touch ups under my eyes, cheeks and smile lines… Just enough to look like ME again. Thank you Joe… I love what you’ve done for me!



Awesome place and well run and awesome staff!!!


Thanks for being so patient with my kiddos when piercing their ears today. They are sooo happy!!!


Lee S. BBB Review

I highly recommend Joe, he is very educated and extremely talented. He explained many options to me and advised me of what he thought would give me the results i was looking for. End result: absolutely amazing! Far more beautiful than I ever imagined. I give him a 10 star rating!


I found out about Joe through my SIL who is an RN.  I really prefer having someone with a strong medical background for a laser treatment.  Not only have I had multiple appointments but my Mom starting coming too.   Had my oldest daughter and her friends belly button piercings done there (still perfect 8 years later).  Now my youngest daughter is the newest client at Joe Laser.
He has multiple machines now.  He does hair removal, facials, tattoo removal, botox and a lot of other services.
One thing is for sure I always end up having a great time at every appointment.  Joe makes you feel comfortable, is professional and you know he’s going to have you laughing.
I really recommend Joe Laser as a first class business.




Nothing but Thumbs Up for Joe Laser & Spa! The entire experience was perfect! I walked in and said “I’m a 40 year old man, I don’t want to look 20, but if you can rewind the clock to 30 that would be awesome.” lol And he nailed it!

Love my lips

Sorry for not leaving my name I just don’t want people to know my lips are enhanced. Everyone comments on how sexy they look and how they wish they were born with my perfect lips!! You are an artist and I am so grateful for what you have done for me. xoxoxk T


Vampire face lift

Vampire face lift was the best thing I ever could have done for myself!!! I know it’s super expensive, but it was worth every penny. I can honestly say I’m in love with my face again. It has restored all the lost volume back into my cheeks!!!! Not to mention the instant results. I will recommend this to anyone who wants to change there lives for the younger fresher look!!!! Thanks Joe for being super awesome and changing my life!! Ecstatic regular for life :)




Absolutely worth every penny! Joe is so friendly and professional! He understanding with every situation. I would recommend Joe laser to everyone!